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Norton Sound Regional Sales

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               Just in...         TURDUCKENS  $99.99 (deboned chicken in a duck in a turkey!)  
From The Land      
Bacon Wrapped
Elk Medallions 2 x 4 oz.
$9.99 ea. Alaskan Hotdogs
w/Reindeer 12-oz package
$4.49 ea.
Breakfast Sausage
$4.99/lb. Polish Sausage
w/Reindeer 12-oz package 
$4.99 ea.
From Other Waters      
  Calamari 2.5 lb.  $16.89 ea.   Lobster Tails 8 oz.  $18.49 ea.
Alligator Loin  $28.99/lb.   Frog Legs  $8.99/lb.
  Crawfish Tail Meat  $13.95/lb.   Whole Cooked Crawfish  $5.95/lb.
  Alaskan Razor Clam Meat  $17.99/lb.   Green Lip Mussels 2-lb. package  $14.70 ea.
Smoked Salmon      
  Smoked Sockeye Fillet  $20.43/lb.   Smoked Sockeye Lox Trim  $12.26/lb.
  Canned Smoked Coho 8 oz.  $6.79 ea.    
Alaskan Weathervane Scallops 1.25 lb.    
Jumbo U/10 (under 10 per lb.)  $21.29/lb.   Large 10/20 (10 to 20 per lb.)  $18.92/lb.
  Medium 20/30 (20 to 30 per lb.)  $18.19/lb.    
Shrimp 2lb. packages P&D      
31/40  $20.99 ea.   21/25  $25.99 ea.
  16/20  $33.99 ea.   8/18   $45.99 ea.
Sushi and Sashimi      
  Yellowfin Tuna Steaks 6 oz. $6.59 ea.   Izumi Dai (Sashimi-Grade Tilapia) $8.99 ea.
  Shime Sabe (Pickled Makerel 4.4 oz) $5.99 ea.   Unagi (Broiled Eel Fillet 10 oz.) $29.49 ea.
  Mongo Ika (Cuttlefish Fillet 1.1 lb.) $27.17 ea.   Tomago (Baked Sweet Egg 1.1 lb.) $10.99 ea.
  Ikura (Salted Chum Roe 2.2 lb.) $85.99 ea.   Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe 1.1 lb.) $31.06 ea.
Soft Shell Crab $43.99/dz. Calamari Salad 2.2 lb. $30.03 ea.
Seaweed Salad 2.2 lb. $21.41 ea.  
Yaki Nori (Roasted Seaweed, 50 sheets) $12.99 ea. Wasabi 1.5-oz. tube $4.50 ea.
  Niko Niko Rice 10 lb. $17.49 ea.   Bamboo Rolling Mat $4.50 ea.
Spices , Sauces and Batters      
                Sweet and Spicy      
Alaska Umami Sauce Mild $8.99 ea.   Alaska Umami Sauce Hot $8.99 ea.
Alaska Umami Sauce Extra Hot $8.99 ea. Alaska Umami Mandarin Sesame $8.99 ea.
               Alaska Spice Co.      
Smoked Salmon Dip Kit w/Salmon $14.99 ea. Yukon Spinach Dip Mix $3.95 ea.
Denali Dill Dip Mix $3.95 ea. Matanuska Vegie Dip Mix $3.95 ea.
Taragon Mustard Sauce and Dip Mix $3.95 ea. Copper River Basting Sauce Mix $3.95 ea.
Zippy Cayenne Dip Mix $3.95 ea. Kenai River Basting Sauce Mix $3.95 ea.
Alaskan Dill Fish Seasoning $3.95 ea. Garlic & Herb Pepper Seasoning $3.95 ea.
Talkeetna Taco Spice $3.95 ea. Crystalized Ginger $4.29 ea.
Thai Seasoning $3.95 ea. Cajun Seasoning $3.95 ea.
Halibut Florentine $4.25 ea. Lemmon Curry Halibut $4.25 ea.
              Alaskan Gourmet Products      
  Original Alaskan Gourmet Batter Mix $8.99 ea.   Spicy Alaskan Gourmet Batter Mix $8.99 ea.
Herb Alaskan Gourmet Batter Mix $8.99 ea. Coconut Alaskan Gourmet Batter Mix $8.99 ea.
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