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Our Story

Supporting Fishermen, Sustaining Communities

Since 1995, Norton Sound Seafood Products has provided a market for the premium seafood harvested by the Bering Sea fishermen of rural northwest Alaska.

Norton Sound Seafood Products believes our customers purchase our products first and foremost for their quality and taste. But you can also feel good about supporting an organization that is dedicated to creating opportunity for the communities and residents of coastal western Alaska.

In the Norton Sound region, fishing is not only a vital subsistence and cultural practice, it also provides an important commercial opportunity in an area where economic activity is limited. Your purchase of Norton Sound seafood not only benefits the fishermen and seafood processors who supply it, it also supports Norton Sound Seafood Products parent company Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation (NSEDC).  One of six Community Development Quota groups in Alaska, NSEDC works to create sustainable economies in its 15 member communities through a multitude of programs that target education, training, employment and the development of infrastructure.  Learn more at

Norton Sound Seafood: Small Boats Make a Big Difference

Following a tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, the fishermen who deliver to Norton Sound Seafood Products harvest salmonhalibut, and red king crab in a sustainable manner from small boats. The small, artisanal scale of Norton Sound’s fisheries means our product is handled with the utmost of care and processed shortly after it is caught in one of our regional facilities. 

Think of Norton Sound Seafood Products as the small specialty store as compared to the mega-supermarket.  We pride ourselves on the premium seafood and service we can offer as a small operator.  Norton Sound Seafood Products knows its seafood and even more importantly, the fishermen who deliver it.  We offer a refreshing alternative to mass-produced seafood.  Order and taste the Norton Sound Seafood Products difference!

Norton Sound Red King Crab

Just have one taste of Norton Sound Red King Crab and you will know why it stands out from the rest—you will not find crab with sweeter flavor! Featuring tender white meat, our red king crab’s smaller size gives it its sweeter taste and less fibrous texture.

Norton Sound Red King Crab is the only Alaska king crab to be harvested during the summer months, making it an exclusive offering. It’s available live or fresh-cooked during the summer season in limited quantities. Depending on ice conditions, independent resident fishermen begin catching Norton Sound Red King Crab in early July. They deliver their catch live and in small quantities to our facility in Nome, where the majority of the product is cleaned, cooked and flash-frozen in clusters of leg sections. A small portion of the catch is reserved for live sales.

If you find yourself in Nome during the first few months of the year, you will most likely find live crab for sale at our retail facility. In one of the most unique fisheries in the world, our fishermen harvest Norton Sound Red King Crab during the winter through holes cut in the ice which covers the Bering Sea. Using snowmobiles, the fishermen travel onto the thick cover of sea ice that can extend a mile or more from the shore, checking their pots which are secured by ropes tied to posts anchored in the ice. 

Norton Sound Halibut

Harvested in the wild, icy waters of northwest Alaska, Norton Sound Halibut is a premium offering. This high-quality whitefish is delivered to our plant within hours of being caught, and processed immediately for the freshest possible product. Available both fresh and frozen, Norton Sound Halibut features pure white, flaky meat and a delicate flavor each and every time.

Halibut are among the largest fish in the sea and the biggest of all flatfish. They can grow to more than 8 feet in length and weigh several hundred pounds. No one knows this better than our fleet of independent, resident fishermen in Savoonga who haul in these monsters one at a time in small skiffs! Anyone who has landed a halibut by hand knows the hard work it takes to get one into the boat. Our hard-working fishermen do it day after day during the season!

Norton Sound Halibut is prized for its delicate, sweet flavor; snow-white color; and firm, flaky meat. It is an excellent source of high-quality protein and minerals; low in sodium, fat and calories; and contains a minimum of bones. Beyond being healthy and delicious, halibut is an extremely versatile fish that can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. Baked, broiled, seared or fried, Norton Sound Halibut is always a hit at the table!

Norton Sound Salmon

No fish or seafood product is more associated with Alaska than salmon—and for good reason. Salmon play a huge role in nearly all corners of the state in terms of culture, diet and economics.

Our resident salmon fishermen work from small skiffs, harvesting their catch from set nets primarily in eastern Norton Sound. Small harvests and careful handling make for a premium catch. Quick delivery to our seafood facility in Unalakleet, or to specially equipped tender vessels, ensure high quality as our Norton Sound Salmon is prepared for market. The resident fishermen delivering to Norton Sound Seafood Products harvest wild coho (silver) and keta (chum) salmon.

Coho salmon feature a firm, orange-red flesh and delicate flavor. They are the second largest of the salmon species and are popular for both conventional preparation and smoking. For anglers, coho are perhaps the most popular salmon species due to their eagerness to bite and aggressiveness once hooked. Keta salmon, also known as chum, are popular for drying or smoking in the Norton Sound region. Norton Sound Seafood Products primarily sells our keta salmon to wholesale customers.

All species of salmon are a healthy source of protein, vitamins, essential minerals and Omega-3 fish oils. A wide range of studies has tied Omega-3s to a variety of health benefits, including areas such as blood pressure and coronary health. Wild Norton Sound Salmon is not simply great to eat, it’s also great for you!

Salmon is additionally beneficial for the communities of the Norton Sound region. More fishermen participate in harvesting salmon than any other fishery in Norton Sound. Salmon fishing is a vitally important economic opportunity in our corner of Alaska, and our resident fishermen take great pride in delivering premium, high-quality fish. You will taste the difference!