At this point in time the Norton Sound Seafood Center will be unable to fulfill orders placed through the website Please fell free to  email sales@nsedc.com with any questions or concerns 


Working from small boats in Western Alaska’s Norton Sound, our resident fishermen sustainably harvest this unique and delicious delicacy. We offer the only Alaska red king crab harvested in the summer.

Whether you get it live, freshcooked or frozen, there is never a   wrong time to serve Norton Sound Red King Crab. 





Norton Sound fishermen still harvest the riches of the northern Bering Sea in small boats, pulling nets and lines by hand, and taking great care of their catch. It's a tradition that ties the region's residents to their roots while producing some of the finest seafood on the planet.

Norton Sound's small, artisanal fisheries deliver big in quality and flavor. Our seafood is processed quickly after it's caught and handled with care! Order now to bring the unrivaled taste of Norton Sound seafood to your door. Don’t see what you want? E-mail us at sales@nortonsoundseafood.com or call toll-free (855) 443-2304.