Halibut Fillets - 10lbs.

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 This isn't just any Alaskan halibut, but Norton Sound Halibut fillets! Landed in small quantities, Norton Sound Halibut delivers excellent texture and taste.


Norton Sound Halibut is the northern-most halibut to be commercially fished in Alaska; we think you will taste the difference! Caught in frigid waters in mid-summer and early fall, Norton Sound Halibut is considered by some to be the sweetest on the market.


When you order, you will receive skin-off fillets that are blast frozen and individually vacuum-packed. Each fillet averages around a pound.


Halibut is an extremely easy and versatile fish to prepare; it can be battered and deep-fried, baked, poached, sauteed, grilled, or cooked in just about any way imaginable.